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Your Own Private Army Of Marketing Experts

Get 2X the results at less than 1/2 the price of an in-house marketing employee. Don't know what you need? No problem! Contact your Blue Fire Digital™ marketing concierge today.

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Zero Learning Curve

You know you need to up your online marketing game, but can you really be sure your next hire knows what s/he is doing?

Employees don't come with a money-back guarantee. Blue Fire Digital™ marketing services do.


More Done. Less Money.

Do you ever catch your employees scanning YouTube or Facebook instead of working?

Not us. The marketing pros of Blue Fire Digital™ know they don't get paid unless they complete your work with excellence. Guaranteed.


No HR Headaches

Forget the office politics. Get your own private army of drama-free Blue Fire Digital™ marketing experts.

Only pay for specific jobs completed in a timely manner (without excuses) by experts who won't add to your liability as an employer.


Only Pay For What You Need

Your Blue Fire Digital™ army of marketing experts are already trained-up, experienced and ready to get to work on your highest ROI, most important jobs.

Why hire an expensive employee or over-priced agency that cares more about their bottom line than yours?


Blue Fire is a marketing machine! John and his team push out quality work every time, and they understand how to get results. Trust in their process one time and you'll be hooked for life. We're looking forward to more joint opportunities with John and his Blue Fire Team.

L. Morley

Co-Founder, Mx4 LLC


Meet John, Your Personal Marketing Concierge

Don't know which marketing services will generate the highest impact for your unique business?

Simply schedule a 1:1 call, and John will guide you through a conversation that uncovers the right jobs for your business's growth objectives.

Buy only what you need without any hassles or high-pressure sales.


Transforming a company's website from simply an online business card to a vital lead generating asset is no easy task. John knows all the right levers to pull to make it happen. Trust his process and you can't go wrong.

C. Reyes

CMO, LeadZest


Don't Have Time To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy?

That's where we come in. Your Blue Fire Digital™ marketing concierge will listen to your goals, learn about your business and get a clear picture of your ideal customer/client/patient.

Then, we build a custom campaign designed to get you more of what you want, as efficiently as possible without overwhelming you with new "to-dos".



Schedule a 1:1 consultation with your marketing concierge by going to https://calendly.com/bluefire (copy and paste into your browser).

That's all. Just show up on time, ready to talk about your business.

[If you already know what you want, access a list of services below.]



Your marketing concierge will review the notes from your consultation, then boil everything down to the essentials needed to move you toward your business goals.

Within 48 hours, you will receive an email with a plan of action designed just for you.



Included in your action plan will be a checklist of the specific jobs and their rates.

Sign up and watch as we leverage the power of the internet to grow your business.

It's simple! No management headaches, just results.